Renowned TV drama The Sopranos is recognizable for its many emotive nuances. But is metal one of them?

Indeed, heavy metal culture found a way to integrate itself on the show through the fashion and lifestyle of protagonist Tony Soprano's son, A.J. And thanks to retrospective social media outposts from Sopranos fans such as Twitter's @ajsopranoshirts, it didn't go unnoticed.

On the show, A.J. tends to follow the beat of his own drum, along the way being shaped by many forms of influence, including the heavier corners of music. But whether viewers agree with the lad's aggressive choices in listening entertainment (Slipknot, Pantera, et al.), the band merchandise that emerges serves as an effective testament to a certain time in a young metal fan's life.

Now, with much fanfare and speculation surrounding the upcoming Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints of Newark, we're taking a look at some familiar bands that made their way onto the acclaimed HBO show — or, more precisely, onto A.J.'s many T-shirts.

Join us on the metal journey in the gallery below.

10 Times TV's 'The Sopranos' Repped Metal

Remember the heavy metal aesthetic that sneaked its way onto the critically acclaimed TV drama The Sopranos? Well, here's a recap of the extensive metal wardrobe and wall decor of one A.J. Soprano.

Note: Marilyn Manson items appear a few times during the series, a reflection of the period in which it aired. No mention of Manson in the context of this list should overshadow or trivialize the myriad abuse allegations levied against the singer.

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