Even headbangers get into the spirit of things during the Christmas season.    Anyone can hang lights, put up a plastic Santa, a snowman and some reindeer and call it a display. But it takes a special kind of love for the Christmas season to set your Christmas light display to hard rock and heavy metal music.

We found some of the top rockin' Christmas displays and put them all here to get you into the spirit of the holiday season.

Twisted Sister - 'Oh Come All Ye Faitful'

Trans Siberian Orchestra - 'Wizards in Winter'

Slayer - 'South of Heaven'

Pantera - 'I'm Broken'

Metallica - 'Enter Sandman'

Motley Crue - 'Kickstart My Heart'

Metallica - 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'

Europe - 'The Final Countdown'

Slayer - 'Reigning Blood'

Someone was creative enough to put a light display together with an awesome 'Metallica Medley'

This display was created as a special dedication to the late guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

Which was your favorite display? What hard rock or heavy metal song would you like to see put to a Christmas light display? Discuss below.

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