The beaches in Seaside Park have officially been opened as of today while the boardwalk remains closed until further notice.

Our news guy here at Townsquare Media, Vin Ebenau, told me earlier that he spoke to Toms River Mayor Mo Hill's office, and they said that the beaches in Ortley Beach will open on Saturday. The boardwalk in Ortley Beach will also stay closed until future notice.

"I think that most people get it, they're going to practice social distancing," Hill told our news department. "If you've been on the beach in the summer season nobody has their blanket right on top of somebody else, there's 6-10 feet between blankets. I anticipate that people will follow the rules."

Towns all across Ocean County and the state are adapting to the new normal. Vin Ebenau also recently spoke with Bay Head Police Chief William Hoffman on how local police departments are preparing for the potential summer crowds.

"We're going to have to have some changes with social distancing and hopefully people will understand that," Hoffman said. "I think the biggest concern though is going to be the social distancing and people understanding that big parties aren't going to be allowed like they usually are in the summer as well as big barbecues and big groups on the beaches. They're going to have to separate."

CLICK HERE for additional information as more Ocean County towns begin opening their beaches for the summer.

Stay tuned for more in future reports as Shore towns continue to re-open their beaches and make decisions regarding their boardwalks.

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