It's been a long, mostly quiet summer (and spring, for that matter), with concerts at the Jersey Shore all being postponed or cancelled. The usual concerts, the big festivals, the national tours, all gone. We've seen a few parking lot shows pop up, and my coworker Shawn had just let me know that there were plans for a few shows to set up in the Bayside Parking Lot at the west end of Sumner Avenue. "Rock the Lot" was supposed to bring live music back to Seaside Heights!

After I read his article, I hopped onto the Rock The Lot Facebook page to get some more info, and saw this as their most recent post:

Well, crap.

That's kind of an oddly worded announcement. "Circumstances beyond our control" is something of a cliche, and usually kind of a cover-up excuse. When they say they are looking for a new partnership and a new venue, it makes it seem like Seaside Heights changed their mind about hosting a concert, but then in the next paragraph they thank Seaside Heights and its board members, so it would appear they still had the support of the town. That may just be an attempt to stay polite, who knows.

It was a rollercoaster of emotions for me, as I literally started to write this with excitement about some live concerts, and one minute later I saw that things were shut down.

I'll keep my eyes open for any rescheduling of Rock The Lot, and any other drive-in concerts that may come to our area.

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