This past Saturday  marked the six-year anniversary of legendary Pink Floyd member and muse Syd Barrett’s death. Roger Waters gave an awe-inspiring performance of The Wall Live at Yankee Stadium. 1,000 cardboard "bricks" were assembled piece-by-piece by Waters and his band until the Wall, that doubled as a psychedelic video screen, stood over 500 feet long by 40 feet high. Experience the spectacle for yourself below.


If you missed the show at Yankee Stadium this weekend, Waters will be tearing down the Wall for its last time tonight at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. and this Saturday, June 14th at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. Quit your jobs, leave your kids to fend for their own rides, and go see it. Don't forget to scoop me up on the way, and leave some food behind for the dog (and maybe some shelter from pigs on the wing).


I took home a piece of the flying pig! Read the whole story here.