It's no surprise that Jersey is home to some pretty crazy laws.

For example, there's still a law on the books in the Garden State that says you can't frown at a police officer.

frowning plate
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It may not be a strictly enforced law, but it's still a law nonetheless. You can read more about it here. 

That's not the only wild law in the Garden State, in fact, some of our laws are among the strangest in the country!

3 New Jersey Laws Ranked Among The Most Ridiculous In America

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As New Jersey transplants, meaning we're not originally from Jersey but now call it home, my wife and I can attest there's a little bit of culture shock moving to Jersey.

And learning some of the rules of the state took a minute to get used to.

However, 3 laws in Jersey are so strange that they rank among the craziest laws in the country.

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash
Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

24/7 Tempo released a list of the 30 most ridiculous laws around America and New Jersey made the list 3 times.

You Can't Pump Your Own Gas In New Jersey

If you've lived in Jersey your whole life this actually isn't that strange, however, Jersey is the last state in the country where you can't pump your own gas.

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I've stated my frustration with this law before.

It's Illegal To Wear A Bullet Proof Vest While Committing A Crime In NJ

That's right, if you're going to commit a crime in New Jersey just be aware that it's even more illegal to commit said crime with a bulletproof vest on.

Photo by Demidov Armor on Unsplash
Photo by Demidov Armor on Unsplash

24/7 Tempo reports that under Title 2C of the New Jersey Code, you could face extra jail time if you suit up in a bulletproof vest before committing a major crime.

This isn't even the strangest law.

Slurpring Your Soup Is Illegal In New Jersey

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It's apparently in the books in New Jersey Courts, Jersey's official Judiciary website however there isn't any reason for the rule.

I guess Jersey just doesn't want you to be rude while you're enjoying some fresh chowder.

By the way, there are more than just 3 ridiculous laws in New Jersey

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