Today marks the 21st anniversary of the death of former Kiss dummer Eric Carr.  Eric Carr was an amazing drummer that died on Novermber 24th, 1991, at the young age of 41 from complications due to a rare form of heart cancer. I still remember the feeling of going numb watching MTV as they reported Eric Carr had passed. (You actually watch the footage of that actual announcement below) It was hard to fathom that one of my heroes growing up, someone who I loved to emulate, was gone.Rock & Rollers were supposed to live forever, weren't they? Sadly, that wasn't the case.

Kiss moved on and today is still going strong after replacing Carr with Paul Stanley's solo drummer, Eric Singer. It was hard to imagine at the time the band going on without Eric after giving them such a distinct sound during his stint in the band, but as the famous line says "the show must go on."

To commemorate the passing of Eric Carr, we put together some of his more memorable footage below.

Kiss introduce Eric Carr as the new drummer of Kiss

Eric Carr singing 'Black Diamond' in makeup, 1980.

Eric playing guitar and singing the Beatles during rehearsal for Hot in the Shade Tour

Carr performing 'Young & Wasted' during the 'Animalize' tour.

A great drum solo from 1990

God Gave Rock & Roll to You II - Eric's last video with Kiss

From the album 'Creatures of the Night' - 'I Love it Loud'

This is one album where Eric's drumming really took the band to a whole different level. So many great songs on this album, this is just one of the more notable ones.

Another drum solo, this one from the Animalize Tour

MTV announces Eric Carr's passing the day after on November 25th, 1991

Who is your all-time favorite drummer? Leave your comments below.

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