The housing market has been on FIREEE for the last few months now. The stores I have heard are insane.

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Some towns may be struggling when it comes to selling their property, but others don't have enough!

According to friends of mine who are real estate agents, houses are selling in days and are being bought for thousands above asking price.

If you are thinking about selling, NOW is the time.

“We’re seeing houses come on the market Monday morning at 9 a.m. and have an accepted offer at 5 p.m. the same day,” said president-elect of New Jersey Realtors Robert White. “Agents now are creating spreadsheets to present all the offers to buyers. It’s a lot.”

So put together a list of the top 25 towns where homes are selling the fastest and how many days they were available on the market!  And yes, just like last time we will only be focusing on the Jersey Shore.
However, I do give you the town's ranking out of 25 in the list below so you know where the Jersey Shore falls overall.
This data, "..was computed by using the average number of days a home was listed from March, April and May," according to
So, if you are looking to buy and buy now...these may be the towns you want to check out first.
Let's take a look:

Real Estate Is HOT In These Jersey Shore Towns

Homes are selling...and they are selling FAST!
So....are you ready to enter the jungle that is the Jersey Shore real estate market?
It may be crazy but like I said before, if you are going to sell...NOW is the time.
For more information on the hot real estate markets in New Jersey, check out this article at
Good luck!
And while you start your search, let's also take a look at the Jersey Shore towns where real estate is struggling so you can save some time while you search!

The Jersey Shore Towns With The Fewest Houses Up For Sale

Looking for a house? Here are the towns you WON'T get lucky in.

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