Me, either.  In fact, if I can't buy it at the supermarket while I'm food shopping, or order it online, it's not a good gift.

I love the holidays.  Really, I do.  I love the decorations and the lights and the gifts and, though I might sound like Scrooge, I actually love to buy gifts, especially if I know the person receiving the present will light up when he or she opens it.  I'm very sappy and sentimental like that.

I just don't want to wait on long lines, go out at 4 in the morning, or be crushed in a frenzied crowd of manic, sleep-deprived shoppers that could easily leave trampled bodies underfoot in order to save some cash.

I'm gonna stay in the house and put up my Christmas decorations and let others face the fevered crowds and I'll take a page from Tyrone Johnson's recent post.  I'm gonna make sure there's booze in the house, because I'm not driving...

p.s. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and, if you do go shopping on Friday, just remember (as you desperately attempt to flee the surging wave of people):  I warned you! :-P