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Black Friday Playlist – Your Survival Soundtrack
It takes a special kind of person to brave the elements and moreover the people. to go out after a nice Thanksgiving dinner and go shopping at the stores or malls for Black Friday.
Black Friday is no ordinary shopping day. You have to have a plan, you have to know what you want and prepare on how to …
The Coolest Black Friday Chaos Compliation Video
If you were out shopping today for Black Friday and made it home safe and sound, consider yourself fortunate. Before you start mapping out your plans for next year, you may want to watch a very cool video compilation created by of some Black Friday shoppers who didn't fare as well.
RIP My Faith in Humanity 1986-2011

Even if you live under a rock (its time to stop disrespecting our below surface dwelling brethren), you know this Friday was BLACK FRIDAY!!! What you also know is that this year, many major stores technically opened Thanksgiving Night (no one considers midnight the start of the next morning. So stop…