The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and people will be spending a lot of time with family. As great as that family time can be, there can also be a ton of stress that goes with it. That is why you have to make sure you remember the booze tomorrow. I am not suggesting you get drunk (although if you aren't driving its not the worst idea), I am just saying 1 or 2 drinks with all that food could release some of the tension. Maybe try a drink you haven't had before to make the event a little more "festive". Make drinks for all the NON-DRIVING adults and instantly you become the star of the occasion. After a couple your cousins kids will seem a lot less annoying and your grandfather's rant about the turkey being too dry will just roll off you back. The booger little Jimmy left on your sweater will be nothing compared to the liquid happiness you just ingested. It also makes all the football you watch that much more authentic. It will be just like tailgating & who doesn't love to do that?

I know we all say that we love our families, and we do, it's just sometimes we may not LIKE them. Don't feel guilty if you need a little help to get through it. Remember to use a plastic cup if you're embarrassed. Alcohol is the prescription for all that ails you on this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!