There's nothing quite as unsettling as going to take out your garbage can and seeing two small eyes staring back at you.

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Even more so when those two eyes are inside your house, and you don't own any pets.

Like it or not, rats are everywhere; cities, parks, subway terminals, basements, and yes, even at the Jersey Shore.

Photo by Svetozar Cenisev on Unsplash
Photo by Svetozar Cenisev on Unsplash

But just because you see one of these squeaky rodents doesn't mean you necessarily have an infestation.

For example, I was visiting my buddy's house in Maryland over the summer, and I saw a rat run across his basement floor.

By no stretch of the imagination would I say his house is rat-infested, but I would recommend he buys a trap.

On the flip side, my wife and I took a bus from the Toms River Park and Ride over the weekend up to New York City.

We spent the day walking around and taking in the Big City, while also seeing our fair share of rats.

That's not too surprising seeing how New York ranked as the Number Two most rat-infested city in the country, according to Matador.

What was surprising to me was that a city from New Jersey made the list of the 50 most rat-infested cities in the country.

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash
Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

Even more interesting, at least in my eyes, is that the city that made the list is not one that I would have expected!

If I had to take a guess as to which city in New Jersey had a rat problem, I would have guessed Newark, Jersey City, or Atlantic City.

Not because I think those places are dirty or anything, they're just some of the most populated areas in the state, and where there are people there is trash, and where there is trash there are rats.

Photo by Rasa Kasparaviciene on Unsplash
Photo by Rasa Kasparaviciene on Unsplash

Now, none of those cities made it onto Matador's list of most rat-infested cities in the country, but one city in New Jersey did.

It's a city of fewer than ten thousand people and sits right along the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border.

Any guesses?

Burlington New Jersey Was Ranked As The Fiftieth Most Rat-Infested City In 2022.

I guess if there's any list you want to be at the absolute bottom of, it's this one!

Matador reports that the list was put together through information from Orkin.

It's based on the number of rodent treatments completed at residential and commercial properties between September 2021 and August 2022.

I honestly like rats, they're really smart animals and when I was a kid had several pet rats.

That being said, they weren't rooting through my garbage or hiding in my basement.

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