So this is kind of morbid, but also kind of fascinating.

How many Presidents do you think are buried in the Garden State? It's not the first time we've talked about stuff being buried in New Jersey.

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A coworker of mine was curious about what the rules in Jersey were for burying a dead pet in your backyard.

You have to fill out some paperwork, but apparently, it is legal to do that.

Back to Presidents though, Jersey's been around since America was just a couple of colonies and is also home to some pretty famous early American Presidents.

george washington
Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

So it makes sense that the final resting place for these presidents would be right here in New Jersey.

What American Presidents Are Buried In New Jersey?

You can visit the grave sites which, if you're a history buff, is worth the trip.

According to Only In Your State, you'll have to travel to Princeton Cemetary which is operated by the Nassau Presbyterian Church in Princeton New Jersey.

Despite the fact the Princeton Cemetery is still an active graveyard, the Nassau Presbyterian Church does allow visitors to walk the grounds and look at some of the intricate and historical headstones.

Two of the more famous headstones you'll find are that of President Grover Cleveland, who is the only President in US history to serve two non-consecutive terms and is of course from New Jersey.

grover cleveland
Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

You'll also find the resting spot of early American President Aaron Burr who was a rival to Thomas Jefferson and who also shot Alexander Hamilton in a dual.

Jersey is chock full of interesting history and is where several former Presidents decided to call their final resting place.

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