Point Pleasant Beach's popular Summer Concert Series at the Band Shell is scheduled to start this week. While there are no indications this first show will be impacted, the rest of the series is in danger of being cancelled due to a lack of funds.

I get that this sort of thing happens, where certain public events have to be scrapped because of money, but what makes this different and somewhat shocking is this statement from Point Beach Mayor Stephen Reid:

I don't feel like asking for the money right now, because it does take a lot of effort to ask people for money and companies for money. There's a process, applications and things like that. So I'm just not there right now.


Listen guys, I don't feel like coming to work right now, because it takes a lot of effort to get out of bed and shower and get dressed. There's a process and things like that, so I'm just not there. Is he just reliving Office Space?

Now, Mayor Reid is on his way out after losing his re-election bid, but come on! You don't get to just throw your hands in the air and walk away from the job. You can't be a little baby and say you don't feel like doing the work. Maybe there's a reason no one voted for you.

On the positive side, regular citizens (people who weren't elected to serve the public) have been trying to raise funds on their own. Mike Corona of Ocean County Music has helped schedule and organize the band lineups every year and is accepting donations at his store on Arnold Avenue. Donations can be made to the Point Pleasant Beach Community Endowment Fund, and they can write checks to "PPB Community Endowment Fund."

Here's the scheduled lineup, which is obviously up in the air.

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