For a long time now, Toms River officials have been having a hard time dealing with geese that are making a mess of Huddy Park in Downtown Toms River.

In simple terms, all the goose crap on the ground is making a terrible mess.

More than a pound and-a-half of goose waste is collected each day from the park, making it less attractive for visitors and producing runoff that can flow into the Toms River.

So...Toms River is going to try to do what Lavallette has done to control the geese from crapping all over their parks by letting dog owners bring their dogs (on a leash) to the park.

If you are ever around Huddy Park, you will hear recorded animal noises coming from speakers to deter the geese, but that has not worked.

According to Shorebeat, the presence of dogs leave a scent behind that tells geese to keep away. Lavallette has long heralded their program as a success.

Toms River is planning on granting 30 permits to dog owners. No word yet when the permits will be issued

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