Hearing loss is one of those things that is irreversible.

If you have black lungs and stop smoking, there is hope of reversing the effects and one day having pink lungs again.

This means once you reach a certain point of deafness, your only choice is to shell out the cash for hearing aids that you desperately need.

mark paton via unsplash
mark paton via unsplash

A big rule change just went into effect this week in New Jersey and it is being estimated that it will benefit about 28.8 million adults in the United States.

According to NJ.com, hearing aids can now be bought over the counter without a prescription across the country!

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They are already in stock at various stores and I would bookmark this list because it is being estimated that every family in this country will save approximately $3,000.

Previously, hearing aids cost more than double.

“That’s thousands of dollars going back into the pockets of Americans and providing a little more breathing room in their family budgets as well,” the White House said in a statement according to NJ.com.

Zoe Graham via unsplash
Zoe Graham via unsplash

The only catch for this story is that health professionals seem a bit wary about the quality of these hearing aids because they will be cheaper.

“I hate to use the words ‘buyer beware,’ so instead it’s ‘buyer be educated’ about what you’re doing, what your needs are,” said the president of the Hearing Industries Association, Kate Carr according to NJ.com.

I am going to guess that you would also like to know where over the counter hearing aids.

Let's get to it:

Where To Get Over The Counter Hearing Aids In New Jersey

Here is where you can get over the counter hearing aids in New Jersey.

I know there will be some hesitancy with something new like this but everyone deserves to get the healthcare they need without going bankrupt.

Give this a shot because if this is successful, this could be just the beginning.

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