When the weather has been cooperating this summer, dining outdoors on Washington Street in Downtown Toms River Friday night For Downtown Night Out has been a very enjoyable experience.

I have gone a few nights and it really is a nice atmosphere happening.

Washingtons Street is closed between Main Street and Robbins Street so Capones, Crave, Daddio's Grill can put tables in the street and customers can enjoy outdoor dining.

There is music being played, and our friends at Garden State Distillery make some amazing cocktails to enjoy. Refresh Your Pallet and Mondoli's bakery participate, and even Bubby's Beanery gets involved down the block with activities happening in front of their cafe

Friday night has been such a success, that a second night is being added!

You can now enjoy the outdoor dining experience in Downtown Toms River on Friday AND Saturday night as well through August between 5p-9p

It's good that they are adding a second night because these local businesses are being dictated by weather.

Before they expanded the outdoor dining to two nights, there were a few Friday's where rain would cancel the outdoor dining. Hopefully, now the restaurants will benefit from having nice weather both Friday and Saturday.

So...If you're looking for something fun to do, make it a point to enjoy a great night out in Downtown Toms River for Downtown Night Out

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Andy Chase
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