It is an ongoing debate and I'm sure you have your choice when it comes to the two big fast-food giants McDonald's and Burger King. Which of the two is your favorite? I started thinking about this while passing a Burger King that has closed in the area here in Ocean County. We have seen several Burger King locations close and it makes you wonder has McDonald's won the "burger war"?

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Now I admit my favorite is McDonald's. I love a good Big Mac and fries. April and I also enjoy their Mocha Latte occasionally as well, with lots of whipped cream. When I was young I would work with my Dad, he had his own business for years here in Ocean County, and I always remember for lunch he would go to Burger King to grab some Whoppers....he loved Burger King so anytime I'd go with him on a weekend to help, he would treat to BK. Dad would never do McDonald's it was always Burger King.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

I also love McDonald's fries To me their fries are definitely better than Burger King. I do like the onion rings at Burger King, so if I go for a Whopper I'll op for a side of onion rings instead of fries.

So now we ask you Ocean County if you had to choose....would it be McDonald's or Burger King as your favorite fast food stop? Vote below and let us know your choice.....



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