It's Shamrock Shake Day
McDonalds is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Shamrock Shake, and introducing a new green dessert - the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry. It's #ShamrockShakeSZN!
The Shamrock Shake is Back in Ocean County!
Ok, enough of this Valentine's Day stuff.
It's time to move on to St. Patrick's Day things. Time to move on to tasty things like...
It is back at McDonald's through March 24th!
Click HERE to find a Shamrock Shaker near you...
Free "Bacon-Hour" Tomorrow at Ocean County McDonald's
If you're like me and you think that bacon is one of the best things EVER, get your butt to McDonald's tomorrow (1/29) from 4p-5p!
It's Bacon-Hour!!
During "Bacon-Hour", you can get a FREE side of bacon with anything you order. If you're just ordering fries...
Are McDonald's New Cheesy Bacon Fries Coming to New Jersey?
Right now they are being tested in California and in Hawaii.
Many sources are reporting that McDonald's is planning on rolling Cheesy Bacon Fries nationwide, but all a McDonald's Spokesperson would say is no comment.
People on Instagram are posting pictures of McDonald's Cheesy Bacon fr…
Free French Fries at McDonald's Every Friday (Sort Of)
Even though I don't really eat fast food anymore, there is still something that I need to have from time to time...McDonald's French Fries.
Every few months I find myself at the drive-thru just to order a medium fry just to satisfy a weak moment I might be having...

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