Even if you wouldn't necessarily claim that Mickey D's is your favorite fast food joint, it's likely you've still enjoyed a dinner or two from McDonald's in your time on this planet.

It's literally the most popular fast food restaurant in the world. Not sure there's anyone alive who hasn't had at least one menu item from McDonald's at one point or another.

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The folks at Mickey D's have a habit of introducing something new to the menu, letting us enjoy it for a short period of time, and then making it disappear, never to be heard from again.


McDonald's Menu Items Never Returning Again

Sure, they have certain items they rotate on and off the menu throughout the year like the McRib and the Shamrock Shake, but then there are other items that are introduced and then gone just as quickly as they came.

Hope all the vegetarians here in the Garden State enjoyed the one thing on the menu they could actually eat while it was available. Sans the French fries, there was only one specific item vegetarians could order if they wanted to make an entire meal at McDonald's.


No More McPlant Burger at McDonald's

Remember the McPlant burger? It was McDonald's attempt to include people who don't eat any meat in their diets. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a big fat failure across the board for the fast food burger chain.

You can't get a McPlant anywhere in New Jersey, or any McDonald's, for that matter.

If you do happen to be a vegetarian, at least you can still eat the fries and milkshakes or McFlurries. Does McDonald's still sell cookies? You can have those, too.

It's highly unlikely, though, that a vegetarian would crave a burger from McDonald's anyway, right? Since the interest just wasn't there from customers, I guess it really won't be missed.

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