President Donald Trump has stirred up a lot of anger and outrage by referring to some countries as "shitholes" when talking about the immigration policy yesterday.

With everyone so tense these days with everything going on in the world, let's loosen up a bit and just have a little fun.

So.......It got us thinking today about some places here in Ocean County that is less than desirable. Some places one might consider a real "shithole"

I'll get it started.........

  • Red Carpet Inn Downtown Toms River- There have been many publicized drug busts and arrests throughout the years. Prostitution etc
  • Laurel Square Shopping Center Rt. 88 Brick: It's a huge shopping center where Pathmark used to be, but there are barely any open stores anymore.
  • Americana Motel Rtr. 166 Toms River: See "Red Carpet Inn" above

Of course, we have to mention the old Beachwood Shopping Center in Berkley Twp on Rt. 9 that is no longer there anymore. Before they tore it down.....It really was a HUGE "shithole" back in the day!!

What do you think? Give us some other suggestions of "shitholes" in Ocean County or if you want.......tell us about ones in the entire state as well in the comment section below



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