More snow is in store for New Jersey this weekend. Whether or not the coastal towns will see anything significant is still up for debate.

Still, snow is always exciting here in the Garden State. Maybe it's because everything is so built up and always bustling with activity, because when it snows, everything in New Jersey gets quiet for once. Not to mention, there's no sight like South Jersey after a fresh snowfall. It's absolutely beautiful.

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I'm not writing to talk about New Jersey's snowy sights, though. Unfortunately, I'm writing to express my shock at some information recently revealed in a new study about New Jersey residents and snow. Apparently, this study shows that in the event of a snowstorm, almost half of Jersey residents (41%) aren't likely to help someone that's been stranded as a result of it.


Listen, say what you want about Jersey, but the people that live here aren't monsters. In fact, we have some of the biggest hearts you'll ever meet. Still, according to a survey conducted by Infographic, about half of New Jersey residents wouldn't assist a driver in need during a snowstorm. Do you find that hard to believe?

There's a flip side to that, though. The survey also shows that some New Jerseyans wouldn't accept a ride from a random stranger anyway. In fact, the information released shows that people would prefer to walk five miles rather than hitching a ride. Interesting. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

It's comforting to know that almost 60% of residents WOULD help someone during a snowstorm, but still, the fact that almost half of people said they would turn a blind eye is pretty disturbing. If the percentages were closer to, say, and 80-20 split, that'd be a little bit easier to swallow.

Come on! Do better, Jersey!


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