The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife is adding to the Artificial Reef Program, sinking two more boats this week.

The DFW released a statement saying they would be sinking a ship off the Manasquan Inlet today, and one off Cape May Inlet on Friday.

In Manasquan, the Austin, a 68' former trawler, will be added to the Axel Carlson Reef, about 4.4 nautical miles southeast of Manasquan Inlet. The target deployment location is: 40 02.900'   73 59.000'.

In Cape May, the Lisa Kim, a 115' former surf clam vessel, is being added to the Wildwood Reef on September 16th. The Wildwood Reef site is located 8.3 nautical miles northeast of Cape May Inlet. The target deployment location is: 38 57.900'   74 41.050'.

Once the vessels are sunk they will soon become homes for 150 species of fish and marine life, fishing grounds for anglers, and underwater attractions for scuba divers. The vessels should continue to serve the fishing industry for at least another 70 years.

The ships are being sunk on portions of the reef set aside for recreational fishing only. Anglers should stay a safe distance away while the vessels are being anchored in place and scuttled.

The deployment dates are subject to weather and sea conditions. For further information regarding the deployment of the vessel contact either Hugh Carberry or Peter Clarke at 609-748-2020.

The state has already sunk three vessels this summer. Commissioner Bob Martin said

Artificial reefs create important habitat for many types of marine life, and attract fish that are popular with recreational anglers. Our artificial reefs are an important part of the economy of the Jersey Shore because they are so popular with anglers as well as sport divers. We are grateful to all our partners in the recreational and commercial fishing industries for working with us to get this program back on track."

lisa kim

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