The Brick man who was charged with animal cruelty after intentionally driving over five geese in Toms River last month has just been served 15-summonses by the New Jersey State Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Quintin Alec-Manning, 20, was given five counts each on three charges for killing wildlife with a vehicle, taking geese illegally and doing so during closed hunting season.

He's charged with Five counts of 23:4-16.a: "Did kill wildlife with the aid of a motor vehicle", Five counts of 23:4-12: "Did take geese in manner other than prescribed" and Five counts of 23:4-1: "Did take geese during closed hunting season", according to information provided by Caryn Shinske, NJ DEP Spokeswoman to WOBM News.

Alec-Manning has a court date pending at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 13 in Toms River Municipal Court.

He is accused of deliberately running over a family of geese with his car killing five of them at the Indian Head Shopping Center on Route 9 North.

During the investigation, police spoke with multiple business owners and patrons who provided information leading to identifying Alec-Manning as the driver.

Toms River Police charged him with 5 counts of Third Degree Animal Cruelty, one charge for each deceased goose.

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