Last night Nik Wallenda walked on a 2-inch wire, 1500 feet above the earth. There is a bit of controversy, but it does nothing to lessen the impact of his feat.

1,500 feet up, a two-inch wire stretched for 1,400 of length. Last night Nik Wallenda crossed "the Grand Canyon" to pull of a stunt no one ever had.

There is a slight controversy though, as he technically didn't cross The Grand Canyon. According to Forbes magazine, Nik instead crossed the Little Colorado Gorge.  The National Parks Department would not allow Wallenda to cross the actual Grand Canyon, but the Little Colorado Gorge is located on land that is owned and governed by the Navajo, and they gave the permission.

But really, if you're going to nitpick the location of the 1,500 drop, you're just a killjoy anyway. Nik may not have crossed the exact location of the Grand Canyon, but he still did something more incredible than any of us ever will. Hats off to him!


Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel

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