This Sunday night is the television event the world has been waiting for!

"Eaten Alive" hits the airwaves at 9pm on the Discovery Channel part of "Mega Week".

What is "Eaten Alive" you ask? It's simple.....A man gets eaten ALIVE by an anaconda on national television, and lives to tell about it.

Paul Rosolie (raised in Bergen County, NJ), says he has always been fascinated by animals.

In a conversation with Townsquare Media, Rosolie said his goal “is to protect the anacondas and to protect the ecosystem that they live in.” Rosolie suggested anacondas are a misunderstood species that play a vital role in their surrounding environment.

“Anacondas – they’re this big, charismatic species that people are terrified of,” Rosolie said. “They’re actually a force of good in the world.”

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