My younger sister was getting married, so my wife and mother and I took a trip to Lake Havasu City in Arizona.  We took a trip to the Grand Canyon, an old mining town called Oatman, saw London Bridge, the Hoover Dam, the Mob Museum in Las Vegas, and just enjoyed a ton of beautiful scenery unlike anything we have in Jersey.

The Grand Canyon is simply amazing. Pictures don't do it justice. Even being there in person is a bit weird because it's almost like an illusion where it doesn't seem that big, until you notice the helicopter tours flying through and you can use that for a sense of scale.

Oatman, Arizona is an old mining town, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. When the original miners left, the donkeys stayed behind.

This next album is just full of random shots from the rest of my time there. You'll notice I'm a big fan of the expansive landscapes. It was like being on a different planet from New Jersey. The views just seemed to go on forever, long stretches of road winding through the desert. The U2 fan in me was also very excited to see a real live Joshua Tree.


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