If you ever have driven north on Fischer Blvd to make a right turn onto Hooper Ave, you are well aware that it could take you quite a long time to make the right turn since the right lane sometimes backs up pretty far.

The Toms River County Roads Department has created a new traffic pattern at the intersection in the attempts to make it easier to make a right turn on to Hooper.

The new configuration will prohibit turning right on red onto Hooper North towards Silverton. The left lane will be straight only which remains unchanged. Now the middle lane can go straight OR turn right, with the right lane being for right turns only. All lanes now have a NO Turn on Red, and traffic has the TWO right lanes to turn right onto Hooper Northbound.

It appears the new traffic pattern is confusing some drivers who are not aware that you can now make a right turn from the center lane

Dave Lansing/Ocean County Scanner News
Dave Lansing/Ocean County Scanner News

I really hope that the new traffic pattern helps, and people realize the change so we don't have to deal with the above photo any longer

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