Say goodbye to another Burger King restaurant on the Jersey Shore.

The Burger King on Route 70 in Lakehurst, New Jersey has closed their doors for good unexpectedly yesterday

According to Exit 82 Scanner News:

Some of the residents of Lakehurst are saying this was one of the worst Burger Kings around.

That really does suck if the employees had no warning of the closing so they can go out and find themselves a new job.

If the Burger King was really one of the worst ones around, then I am glad that they are no longer.

I wonder what is going on with Burger King franchises lately. Last year the Burger King on Fischer Boulevard closed it's doors unexpectedly. No warning...Nothing.

I remember driving past that Burger King on a random day and I looked out my passenger window and saw that all the Burger King neon signs were gone.

All that was left was a sign in the window saying "Thank you for your business after all these years". That's all that was left.

For some reason, I want to think that there was another Burger King in our area that just recently closed. I could be wrong, but it does just seem strange that two Burger King locations have closed up out of the blue.

In my lifetime, I don't ever recall a McDonald's location to close its doors and go out of business.

I'm glad that has never happened...McDonald's STILL has the best french fries...Yeah, I said it!

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Andy Chase
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