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Another Ocean County Burger King Closes Its Doors
Say goodbye to another Burger King restaurant on the Jersey Shore.
The Burger King on Route 70 in Lakehurst, New Jersey has closed their doors for good unexpectedly yesterday
According to Exit 82 Scanner News:
Some of the residents of Lakehurst are saying this was one of the worst Burger Kings around..…
New Traffic Pattern at Hooper Ave & Fischer Blvd Intersection
If you ever have driven north on Fischer Blvd to make a right turn onto Hooper Ave, you are well aware that it could take you quite a long time to make the right turn since the right lane sometimes backs up pretty far.
The Toms River County Roads Department has created a new traffic pattern at the in…
Waretown Wawa Permanently Closes
After twenty-six years, the Wawa on Rt. 9 in Waretown has closed their doors for good.
Wawa officials discovered weather-related water and structural damage to the building and determined that repair and/or expansion was not feasible...
First Look: Inside The NEW Toms River Diner
Every time I drive by the new Toms River Diner on Rt. 37, I always wonder two things: When will they be opening, and what does it look like inside now?
I try to see if there are people inside and a door is open so I can go inside and get a sneak peek of what the NEW Toms River Diner looks like now, a…