If you're looking to start a new business in Toms River, I think I may have an idea for you.

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I've been searching high and low for months for one of these and as far as I can tell, through my hours of research, it looks like there aren't any of these in Toms River.

There is one of these in Point Pleasant and in Wall but here's the thing; with our New Jersey traffic, they're a half hour away.

Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash
Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash

I'm more than willing to drive for this, however trying to sneak out during work to drive a half hour each way plus the time it takes while I'm at this business?

It's not exactly practical.

So, again I say if you're looking to open a new business in Toms River, I may have a million-dollar idea for you.

I'd likely be your number-one customer!

My wife thinks I'm crazy for wanting one of these to open up in Toms River, especially since there are other similar options.

She's not wrong, but I'm a creature of habit and I get this weird feeling of pride whenever I go to one of these places.

Google Map / Canva
Google Map / Canva

So, What Business Needs To Open Up In Toms River?

As I mentioned, there are some similar places off 37, and in Bayville but they just aren't quite what I'm looking for.

I think that a self-service car wash would be a great addition to Toms River.

Photo by Ethan Sexton on Unsplash
Photo by Ethan Sexton on Unsplash

There are normal car washes all over the place, but a self-service car wash is the best.

You know the kind, where you drive up and use the wall-mounted power washer to clean, soap, lather, wax, and wash your vehicle.

I take a lot of pride in having a clean car and I feel like you just get a better clean with a self-service car wash.

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