Let's just get this out of the way: it's "pork roll". Anyway, I don't mean to incite a panic, but there is a pork roll shortage in New Jersey. Please, for the love of whatever God you believe in, don't run around and hoard pork roll.

Pork plants have had to shut down operations due to the pandemic, and that is having a direct impact on local pork roll producers like Johnny’s Pork Roll in Red Bank and The Pork Store in Upper Freehold.

According to NJ.com, the three plants that have closed were supplying about 15% of the pork in the country. The United Food and Commercial Workers union said that as workers test positive and plants are closed, the nation's pork production has dropped by 25 percent.

If people were normal, this would just mean we'd all ease back on our PEC sandwiches in the morning, but since people are insane, you can buy pork roll on Amazon for a disgustingly inflated price. A single pack of pork roll at Target will set you back $3.29, so buying four of them would be about $15 - Amazon has a 4pack on sale for $35.99 PLUS $12.49 for shipping. Madness.

Again, please don't start pork roll wars at your local grocery store. Don't hoard it, don't fight over it, don't be a jerk. Thanks!

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