My absolute biggest fear is the Internal Revenue Service.

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Not because I don't pay my taxes or anything like that, but because I get anxious every year about filing.

For whatever reason, once W2s start arriving I convince myself that this is the year I file my return incorrectly and go to prison.

Photo by Emiliano Bar on Unsplash
Photo by Emiliano Bar on Unsplash

It's such a big anxiety in my life that it was mentioned in both my wife's and my vows on the day of our wedding.

And before you say anything, yes I know it's a ridiculous fear.

Nonetheless, you can't tell me that when you receive a letter in the mail that is from the IRS you don't throw a little bit of your lunch up.

That being said, right now if you get a letter from the IRS there's actually a pretty good chance that it's because they want to give you money.

Yes, the IRS may want to give you money!

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

According to Newsbreak the Internal Revenue Service is sending out letters to over 9 million Americans who still need to claim money from certain credits and write-offs.

This isn't the first time the IRS has reached out to give people money.

Nicole Murray, who does middays for 94.3 The Point, wrote back in September that the IRS was sending payments to people who either filed their taxes late or not at all in 2019 and 2020.

Why Is The IRS Sending Out Letters Now?

The Newsbreak article says there are several reasons you may receive a letter from the IRS right now.

You may be owed money for the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, or Recovery Rebate Credit.

To make it easy to claim money you may be owed, the IRS is keeping their free filing website active until November 17th.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

As a side note, always be wary of scammers who will try to imitate the IRS in order to get personal information from you.

The IRS will never initiate contact over the phone, email, or social media, according to the IRS website.

So if you do get a letter from the IRS in the next couple of days, don't panic too much, they may just be reaching out to let you know they owe you money!

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