Winter has officially kicked off, and although there are some people who think it's the time of year to break out their comfy clothes and stay put for a few months, other people think it's the perfect time to go out and explore!

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There are a lot of great small towns to visit in New Jersey that are gorgeous in the summer and fall, but there's something special about these little towns in the wintertime.

Walking down a quaint main street in your coziest hat, scarf, and jacket with a cup of coffee just hits differently this time of year.

But of course, there has to be one town that ranks higher than the rest when it comes to New Jersey's best winter town to visit in the state.

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash
Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

Now, when you think of small New Jersey towns that could be worthy of this praise, a few may come to mind, right?

I always think of Allentown New Jersey, I've visited a couple of times and absolutely love it. Point Pleasant comes to mind and so do Clinton and Lambertville.

Even Cape May is regularly recognized as one of the best small towns in the state.

But none of those towns were voted New Jersey's best town to visit in the winter!

Photo by Frede Langlois on Unsplash
Photo by Frede Langlois on Unsplash

What Is The Best New Jersey Town To Visit In The Winter?

It's a town that's also no stranger to being applauded for its quaint small-town feel, and according to Only In Your State, this town is amazing to visit in the wintertime.

It's a town of roughly 1,300 people and is home to plenty of winter activities to do, both indoors and outdoors!

Congrats to Frenchtown New Jersey for being voted the best winter town, according to Only In Your State!

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Winter weather explorers can navigate through Frenchtown Preserve and for the indoorsy types you have to check out the ArtYard Museum, the Frenchtown Roller Rink, or one of the tasty restaurants downtown.

What's your favorite New Jersey town to visit in the winter?

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