Living near the Jersey Shore, I feel like it's our responsibility to try and keep our beaches as clean and beautiful as possible.

Even if it's something small.

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For example, anytime I go running down the boardwalk and see some trash that blew into the dune, I make sure to stop, pick it up, and put it in a trash can.

After all, every little bit helps, right?

Sometimes though, you want to do something that has a larger effect, right?

Photo by Sara Codair on Unsplash
Photo by Sara Codair on Unsplash

Something that you know really makes a difference.

Fortunately, that too can be pretty simple.

It's called beach sweeps, and it happens twice a year all up and down the Jersey Shore.

Photo by OCG Saving The Ocean on Unsplash
Photo by OCG Saving The Ocean on Unsplash

What Are Beach Sweeps?

According to Exit 82, Beach Sweeps got started back in 1985 with just a handful of people cleaning up one beach.

Today, it's a large network of people who volunteer their time to make sure trash, debris, plastics and other garbage doesn't make it into our oceans.

Where Do Beach Sweeps Happen?

All over the place!

There is a massive list of beaches that are on the list to be cleaned for Beach Sweeps.

In Ocean County alone, there's Brick Beach 1 and 3, Island Beach State Park, Lavallette, Bay Head, Ocean Gate, Tuckerton, Seaside Park, and Seaside Heights.

Photo by Tommy Kwak on Unsplash
Photo by Tommy Kwak on Unsplash

However, Beach Sweeps happen all over the place, you can check out the full list here.

When Do Beach Sweeps Happen?

This year, April 1st and October 21st are the two dates.

And if you plan on attending the April 1st Beach Sweep in Seaside Heights, it does appear as though it will be finished before the St. Patricks Day Parade kicks off.

In general, though, Beach Sweeps runs from 9 AM to 12:30 PM, and you need to register ahead of time.

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