It's rare for endangered shorebirds to nest in such a populated area, but birds have been spotted at Jenkinson's Inlet Beach, forcing beachgoers and fireworks fans to move out of that location.

About 150 pairs of birds are being monitored by staff at Jenkinson's Aquarium to ensure the safety of the eggs. Beachgoers are not officially banned from the area, but if you're heading to that section of the beach, try to give the birds some space.

The birds are also forcing the town to move their fireworks display about a mile down the shore, and will likely impact next week's Independence Day celebration.

I think this is pretty cool, since usually we just hear about the Piping Plovers nesting at Island Beach State Park. We also hear tons of stories about how nature is being pushed out as we continue to develop our area, so to see rare birds call these places their home is a good sign.

[via Patch]

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