I know it's winter and it's supposed to be cold, but this weekend we are going to have cold temperatures which we haven't had since last year back in early 2015. So get ready! It's going to be colder than normal.

Saturday's high is only going to be 21 degrees, while the high on Sunday will only be around 17...Yeah...17! and wind chills will make it feel worse. It'll feel at least like it's -465,000 degrees below zero. LOL! Yeah I know!!!! It's gonna be cold.

So....here are some "Andy Chase" suggestions of how to keep the heat going this weekend:

  • Warm up with a few cold ones at Bum Rogers, Beachcomber, Miracle Bar, Crab's Claw  [Name your favorite bar here] etc
  • Come see me at Lester Glenn Hyundai in Toms River on Saturday from 12p-2p. I'll also be there with the Hawk Flight Crew on Monday also from 10a-12p! It's President's Day.
  • Get a HOT stone massage from either Backpage/Craigslist.....oops... I mean Body in Mind Institute in Toms River. They were amazing at the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon in October. I highly recommend them!
  • Go see Lori and the girls at Simply Sun Tanning in Toms River.
  • Spice things up at Mean Bean Burritos in Toms River. Get it? Spice. Spicy. It's a hot thing. On a cold day. See what I did there? Get it??? Spice!
  • Try a Hot Toddy. I don't know who makes them, and where to go get one, so I'll leave it up to you ( i can't do everything ya know...I just know they are good)
  • Jump in the Ocean!!!! The water temperature will actually be warmer than the air temperature this weekend ( I can't tell you that it will be pleasant once you get out of the water though...Nope...Not pleasant at all!!!!)
  • Stay Home- Binge Watch!
  • Do the sex! It's Valentine's Day Weekend


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