It is no secret that there has been a negative stigma revolving around Marijuana -- also known as weed, Mary jane, pot, ganja -- whatever you wanna call it.

But I am happy to see that this stigma is starting to finally change.

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Marijuana and the many forms it comes in can be super helpful for many types of situations: relaxation, pain management/relief, anxiety, seizure disorders, sleep assistance...need I go on?

Medical marijuana has been legalized and is currently being sold at 23 dispensaries scattered across New Jersey but when it comes to recreational use, Jersey residents are out of luck....for now.....

Governor Phil Murphy did give us an update and it looks like progress is being made!

Phil Lewis
Phil Lewis

According to,  Governor Phil Murphy said that the sale of recreational cannabis could be given the green light "within the next few weeks" in the Garden State! YAY!

There are a few pieces of good news & bad news that come with it.

First: If you are new to marijuana, just know there are plenty of options.

If you don't want to smoke, I get it.

Drunk cannabis Drugs Concept
Witthaya Prasongsin

With the help of David from Zen Leaf Dispensary in Neptune, let's educate you on all the available products to choose from.

Be aware: some of these products are already receiving push back but more on this in a second.

Let's take a look because there is a lot to learn:

Knowledge On All Marijuana Products Available At Zen Leaf Dispensary In Neptune

Are you new to the game of marijuana? There is a lot to learn but thanks to David over at Zen Leaf Dispensary, we have all the information for you in one place.

It's a lot right? Did one specific product catch you eye?

Check out Zen Leaf's website because they have alllll the info you're looking for.

There are a few pieces of bad news.

The first is that we are still not sure what will be included in "recreational sales" in New Jersey.

All of the products listed above could be sold or we could only be given recreational access to the flower itself. Annoying...

Marijuana Buds & Joint
Phil Lewis

The second is that one product in particular is getting an enormous amount of push back already.

People are protesting against cannabis gummies and edibles. There have been cases of kids ingesting THC-infused gummies, chocolates and cookies thinking they are a regular baked good.

I get the concern, I do.

I plan on treating marijuana the same as alcohol: keep it out of reach from children or locked away.

I am a HUMONGOUS marijuana advocate and think all of the products above should be made available like yesterday.

Marijuana legal weed pot NJ 2021
(Photo by Add Weed on Unsplash)

But people don't always do well with change and this is the prime example.

Good News: change is happening anyways so who is ready to light up...or ingest...or eat?!!

Thanks again to David at Zen Leaf for all the info. If you have any questions about anything listed above, Zen Leaf is who you will want to contact.

Curious where the closest marijuana dispensary is to you? I'm glad you asked:

All Of The Marijuana Dispensaries In The Garden State [2022]

Recreational marijuana sales begin Thursday, April 21st. Not sure where a Marijuana Dispensary is near you? Here is every single one in the garden state:

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