We have all been to the casino. It is a lot of fun and while we don't expect to win, we do expect to have a good time. Most of us look over at the people who do win the jackpot and wonder why we can't be so lucky. One man thought he won BIG recently, but then his day took a turn. Behar Merlaku was playing slots and thought he won 57 million dollars, but the casino told him it was a software error! They told him that the jackpot sounds and the 5 star hit was an error, and he really hit only 4 stars. The casino then insulted Merlaku by offering him a $100 dinner for the mistake!! He didn't take too kindly to that weak offer, made a lot of noise, and was then thrown out of the casino and banned for life. It seems it would have been a better move to talk to him in a private office if they didn't want him to make a scene. Throwing him off the premises makes them seem more guilty. He now plans to sue.

I can not imagine the pain that Merlaku went through. He had just won life changing money. He won enough money to buy a private island. He won enough money to buy a MLS soccer team. He won enough money to buy a nice chunk of the New York Mets, but ultimately he was told it was a computer glitch. He is now suing because it appears that it wasn't a glitch at all, but the casino had no plans to ever pay out that jackpot. They added insult to injury by offering him a stinking dinner!! Why couldn't they at least offer him a VIP week's stay or something that he had a chance of accepting? A dinner was not going to make up for crushing a man's dreams. I don't know what would have made him happy, but I know they came way short.

This man thought his life was going to be changed forever. I bet he had already sent a text to a few people telling him them where to go and how to get there. What would you have done in this situation? Have you ever thought you had acquired a large sum of money just to have it taken away? Leave a comment below.