I love the Cape May Zoo, and I'd be lying if I said I never wanted to just jump a fence and frolick with the animals. However, since I'm not a total idiot, I've never tried to actually get into an enclosure with a wild animal.

Late last week, a man managed to clear the first fence of the cheetah exhibit, but was apprehended by zoo officials before he could climb the second. While he wasn't arrested, the man was given citations and removed from the zoo.

Authorities questioned the man, and he said his friend told him he had hopped the fence at a different zoo to pet a tiger, and he wanted to experience it for himself.

Buju and Beenie, the two cheetahs, were unharmed.

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I've been to the Cape May Zoo a bunch of times, and if my memory is correct, there is a small wooden fence that is pretty easy to get over that surrounds pretty much all of the more dangerous animal enclosures. The second fence is much higher, so it would've taken a lot more effort for the man to get over, which is probably the thing that gave zookeepers the chance to get him before he got too close to the animals.

[via NJ.com]

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