Driving along Hooper Avenue in Toms River, in the Silverton section, I noticed that construction continues on a new shopping area in Toms River Township. This work has been underway for a while and it continues to move forward.


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We have watched this project from the very beginning when they were clearing this section along Hooper Avenue several months ago. Now we are seeing the actual buildings going up and I thought before it was complete we would take it to you and see what "you" want to see at this location. We have heard rumors of a drive-thru Pizza Hut, that could possibly be part of this complex? If so, it will be this first "drive-thru" pizza restaurant in Ocean County?



Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



Let's take a look at your comments on this work and see what residents want possibly at this new mall.

Les: "Something like Reading Terminal Market in Philly or what they're trying to do in PPB with the Gottlieb building. I think it's the next wave in retail for non-chain small businesses. Share the overhead and support locals. There are so many vendors that can only participate in Farmers Markets during the warmer weather and then have no place to do business after the Fall. And there are people that love these vendors that would support them year-round if such a place existed."

Mam: "We need a Wegman’s!!!"

Sean: "A&P"

Carole: "Hobby Lobby"

Cindy: "I say a good American food buffet so tired of all these China buffets around we need a good American food buffet".

Evelyn: "Little Caesar's pizza! Or Roy Rodger"

John: "Looks like wild wings"

Nick: "Just what we need another Pizza JOINT"

John: "Wawa"



Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


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