If there were ever a time to order one of everything on the menu, this would be it.

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I have become a die-hard fan of Cousins Maine Lobster so whenever I see one of their food trucks, I don't run...I sprint in its direction.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I was waddling around the Jersey Shore this weekend when I saw a post from them on Facebook and I got an immediate craving for an order of their lobster tacos. (And a lobster roll Connecticut version....AND a bowl of lobster bisque)  

They also have a lobster grilled cheese, lobster tater tots....their job is to literally bring lobster right to you. I love it.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But you have to be aware of where their food trucks will be and when.

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So if you now have the life goal to try these guys out and soon, here are their upcoming Jersey Shore spots so you can plan ahead.

And always grab extra napkins!

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