Rich DeSisto
Rich DeSisto

As a kayaker myself I know how scary it can be if you run into trouble.  Anytime you are dealing with a body of water things can change rapidly.  Weather can play a role.  Even a rough wake created by another water vehicle can cause a hazardous situation.

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On Sunday 2 rowing enthusiast found themselves in a little bit of trouble while spending the day paddling in their kayaks on the Glimmer Glass Creek in Monmouth County.  It is still unsure how they ended up in the water, but a couple of by-passers noticed they were in trouble and sprung into action.  According to the New Jersey State Police, State Police Sgt. First Class Erin Smith, along with Brielle resident, Andrew Jacobs jumped into the creek and were able to rescue the 2 struggling boaters.

As we head into the summer months it is important to be aware of boating safety.  You always hear of accidents on the water.  Most of them can be avoided.  Sometimes it is just as easy as applying a little common sense.   Although, I do have a boater’s license, it is not required to use a kayak.  But you should have some sense of the rules of the water and education on safety and survival.

Some words of advice, it is always a good idea to purposely roll your boat over while in shallow waters.  This allows you to get familiar with the struggle in a safe environment.  It also gives you practice of getting back into the boat.  And always, always wear a life jacket.

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