The most exciting play in football? The pick-six! It's great when it happens in the offense's territory and a big fat lineman catches a deflected pass and stumbles into the end-zone. It's even greater when it happens around midfield and a cornerback streaks down the sideline. What might be the greatest, though, is when the offense is in the red zone, the defense can pick off the ball in their own end zone, and make it past everyone else.

Things fell into place for Jets' safety Marcus Maye. On what would be the last play of the game, Broncos' quarterback Case Keenum threw a meaningless pass attempt that Maye picked off halfway deep in the end zone. He juked his way through a couple defenders, but you can see that by the time he reaches the 50, he's starting to slow.

Rookie wide receiver Courtland Sutton never gave up, and finally chased Maye down before he could score.

The score didn't really matter, since the Jets beat up the Broncos. The result of the play is the longest NON-touchdown interception return in NFL history.

As a Giants fan, I'm in no position at the moment to mock the Jets...but still, leave it to a Jet to run 104 yards and not score.

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