The back-of-house staff at the Brickwall Tavern and Dining Room will walk out Thursday, with the full support of the owners.

Many restaurants are joining together tomorrow for the national ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ movement, just one of many national protests and social movements following the 2016 presidential elections.

Smith is the name of the group that owns the Brickwall, as well as owning Porta and Pascal and Sabine.

Smith junior partner Mark Hinchliffe said:

There is no why because it wasn’t a decision, just like you don’t decide to have your heartbeat. It’s a natural, authentic expression of who we are. Supporting our team members’ lives is at the very core of Smith. We are one family. And when part of our family is affected, we are all affected. We have each other’s back, and because of that, we are unstoppable."

The back-of-house employees will be paid as if they were working and the front-of-house staff will in turn become cooks for a day. Additionally, for every burger sold at Brickwall on Thursday, $1 will be donated to the Rutgers Law Immigration Clinic.

Hinchliffe also said:

It is our future, both Smith’s and America’s. Smith would not exist without immigrants. Brickwall would not exist without immigrants. American food would not exist without immigrants. America would not exist without immigrants. Everything is connected, everything is in relationship. Except for indigenous people, we are all immigrants to this great country. That is America’s strength. And that is Smith’s strength, too."

For more info, you can follow Brickwall on Facebook.

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