Hello, party people! The powers that be here in “The Hawk’s Nest” have decided to let me blog, not really knowing quite what they’re going to be getting from me. But before I begin with the blog, let me start by telling you a little bit about me.

I was born in Brooklyn and at the tender age of 4 my family decided that Jersey was the place to be and we moved to a town called Spotswood. I would live there until I was 28 and then move to Florida. I moved back to Jersey a week before Sandy hit and the next week it snowed! WTF?

Well after a year or so I landed a sweet gig working for 105.7 The Hawk and now I get to blog.

So while I was sitting here wondering what I should blog about it came to me! An epiphany, I am going to be blogging about “The Jerks of The Jersey Shore”.

You know what I am talking about, you probably come across them every day, you might (most likely you do) know one or two of them and I’m sure at times you have been one. No big deal, it happens to everyone once in a while. But I’m talking about the jerks, the kind of jerks that have always been that way and will never change. Each time I blog, I will blog about my encounter with a particular jerk that crosses my path.

The driver, phone caller, the person in line, the guy or gal that thinks they’re all that. So keep checking back and see who ticks me off, hell it might be someone you know. Until next time.

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