Wait. Is it Galloway or "Gala-Bama"?

Now that's funny!

We asked locals to tell us about funny nicknames for South Jersey hometowns, and we heard a bunch of them we'd never heard before.

(Please know that by sharing these names, we are not trying to be mean in any way shape, or form, we're just trying to spread some good local humor.)

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Dorothy or Dot, NJ
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Some South Jersey town nicknames come easy

Every time I hear the South Jersey town name of Dorothy, I just think "Dot" because Dot is often a nickname for someone named Dorothy.

Becca, who lives in Dorothy agrees - although she says she also refers to her town name as "boondocks."

The Galloway/Gala-Bama thing came to us from several different people, including Katie and Jessica.

A couple of nicknames for Williamstown from Deborah were almost too predictable (but we like them): "Willytown" and "Billsville."

Cape May Court House, as many suggested, is often shortened to just "Court House" or "CoHo."

Funny South Jersey Nicknames
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Getting fancy in South Jersey

Larry shared a couple of his nicknames: "Absqeakun" for Absecon, and "O-ville" for Oceanville. (Actually, Absqueakun is fantastic, especially since everyone who's not from South Jersey has no idea how to pronounce Absecon anyway!)

James suggested that Whitesboro is simply called "The Boro", which sounds awesome!

Carl shortens Mays Landing to "MLMA", which he says stands for The Mays Landing Metropolitan Area. We love that one, because does anyone really know where Mays Landing starts and where it ends?

Somers Point NJ
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Get to the point!

Instead of calling Somers Point by its real name, how about just "The Point"? Tara pointed out that one for us.

Um, this one made us uncomfortable: a few people suggested Millville is known as "Killville."

Finally, one of the best nickname suggestions was for the town of Tuckahoe. Unfortunately, we've deemed that suggestion a little too x-rated.

Tuckahoe NJ
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