Alton Brown flipped the script on the classic grilled cheese, and I'm not sure if it's great or awful...what do you think?


Firstly, there is no way I would have the patience to set all of this up. If I want a grilled cheese, I'm gonna have it made in five minutes.  I'm not going to create tin foil boats around my spatula, I'm not going to grate my own cheese, I'm not going to add different spices, I'm certainly not going to bother with lighting up a charcoal grill for all of this.

And honestly, the melted cheese doesn't even look appetizing!  It looks like the slop that oozes out of a Hot Pocket when it stays in the microwave too long.

Y'know what? Forget my indecision, I am now firmly on the side that this is stupid. Normally I love Alton Brown, but he ruined this one.

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