You ready for next level eating?  I thought so.  You will not believe how good this place fact, I'm deeming them the makers of the best grilled cheese sandwich in the state of New Jersey. I'm talking artisan, hand-crafted sandwiches made with world class ingredients...the bread is crusty, the endless combination of gourmet cheeses are gooey, the fresh vegetable or meat additions are succulent. Think fine dinning grilled cheese...and you don't have to go far to get one.

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Remember your mom unwrapping a Kraft Singles, slapping it on a slice of wonder bread and heating it up? Yeah, this is NOT that. Artisan cheese snobs rejoice...I found your mecca. This is the best grilled cheese sandwich in all of New Jersey.  Here are some of the suggested combinations...of course you can craft your own:

You can dip your heavenly sandwich in a bowl of tomato mascarpone bisque...oh. my. does it get any better???

I'm talking about The Cheese Cave in Red Bank!  You'll have to decide between imported and domestic cured meats, assorted olives, roasted tomatoes, fruit preserves, chutneys, honey, crackers, and custy breads. Confused with all those choices? They are happy to give you a sample before you commit. They are experts so ask away! They are located at 14 Monmouth Street in Red Bank.  Love yourself enough to go there for lunch...and dinner...and breakfast...and for snacks...BTW because I love you too much to let you face colossal disappointment, they are closed on Mondays.
Read more here.  Above photo credit: The Cheese Cave Instagram

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