An interesting debate resurfaced over the weekend that definitely should be discussed before Summer kicks off at the Jersey Shore.

So before I started my career in broadcasting, I was a server for quite a few years.

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I had a boss whose name I will not disclose who I used to disagree with on a regular basis when I worked with her.

I ran into over the weekend and here is the debate that comes up almost every time we meet:

If a customer decides to try a new dish or drink and doesn't like it, who should pay for it? The restaurant or the customer.

So let me explain.

This entire argument occurred when I had a table who decided that they wanted to try something new on the menu.

He ordered a steak dish. It allegedly came out chewy. He didn't like it. He sent it back and ended the night by ordering his usual dish.

When I went to my boss to have this item taken off the check, her response was:

"He decided to try something new and didn't like it. Why is it my responsibility to pay for it. If the meat was bad or we cooked it wrong, that is one thing. But now I am down $25 because this guy decided he wanted to be adventurous and it backfired."

Yes, my jaw was on the floor and I went to bat for my customer because my tip was on the line.

Here's my train of thought:

Customers shouldn't be punished for trying something new that is on a business's food menu. Every customer who has a usual order had to be adventurous and try that dish for a first time at some point.

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Sometimes it is a hit. Sometimes it is a miss.

But you know how you earn those loyal customers who want your food multiple times a week? By letting them taste test different dishes risk free.

If restaurants start making customers pay for their "mistake" and I would bet money that they would never return again.

Plus, aren't you aware that food and drinks will be sent back when owning a restaurant? Doesn't this just come with the territory?

What do you think?

I thought it was best to get this sorted out now before the Summer at the Jersey Shore kicks off because you know there will be people who don't love what they ordered.

Now....let the countdown to Memorial Day Weekend continue.

Happy Almost Summer

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